How To Sew A Button On

We have all done it. You put on a garment and a button is loose or missing. It was fine when you put it in the laundry or when you tried it on. Now you are thinking that you will have to send it to the tailor for repair. Why waste time, gas and money when you can make the repair yourself. It’s a simple, quick fix.
To begin this process you need a thin needle,thread that closely matches your material,and the button. If you cannot find the original bottom, you should use one that closely resembles the one that is missing. Typically the manufacturer will include a spare button. It is generally located in the seam at the bottle of some garments or attached by a plastic thread near the tag. If this is also not available and there are multiple buttons, you may need to replace all of the buttons to keep the garment coordinated.
Locate where the button has come off of. There is usually a mark or perhaps some string still remaining. If there is string remaining, you must remove it or it will interfere with your new stitches. Your needle should be threaded with the two ends knotted together at the end. Have your material with the button side up. Gently place your needle in the material where the button will be secured. If you are working with a hard material like denim, you may want to use a thimble so as not to hurt your finger. Go through the fabric and come back up through. This method will hide the knot under your button.
You can now fasten the button by putting the needle through the underside of the button. If it is a two hole button, you will go in one hole and out the other. Push the needle completely through the fabric, come back up and go back through the button. Remember not to pull the stitches too tightly because you will need to create a neck to tie off the thread. Repeat these stitches about five times. If you have four holes in the button, you will need to do this process with each set of two. Do not switch the combination of holes.
Once you have completed the stitches,make use that you last stitch end right under the button. You will need to wrap your thread around the stitches at the base of the button. Do this about four times. In the last time, leave so loop so you can create a knot. Insert the needle through the loop and pull the stitch tightly. Do this a second time. Gently pull on the button to insure that it is secure. If it us, then cut your thread, closely to the material. Lay your garment down so you can check your handiwork. Try to fasten the button.
This whole process should take about three to four minutes. A small amount of time but a major sense of accomplishment.