How To Make A Knitted Vintage Scarf

Surely you’ve seen them. Those long and lovely knitted scarves, keeping people warm and cozy. They can be any color in the human imagination, and some a bit beyond it. And the best part about them is they only cost a bit of time and a few dollars for yarn and a pair of needles.
If this is your first time knitting, then you will want to start off with thicker yarn. The finer work takes skill. If you want a multicolored scarf, you don’t need to use a bunch of different skeins of yarn. You only need one, just make sure it’s a variegated yarn. You will need about 200 yards of yarn.
Next, the needles. The finer the stitch, the smaller the knitting needle. Remember that when you go to pick out a set of needles for your scarf. Choose the size according to the look you want, but remember that a finer stitch takes skill.
Now, get somewhere comfortable. Knitting takes time, as does anything worthwhile. Check for adequate lighting. Make sure you have plenty of room, too. You may be sitting down, but your arms and needles will be moving. Now that you are ready, time to get knitting!
Make sure you know the size of the scarf you want. Too small, and you won’t be kept warm. Too large, and you will get bored in the knitting. Start with a few simple stitches. If the needle you chose is around size 8 or 10, or if you are working with worsted weight yarn, you will need to do a bit more. This is to get the feel of the needles and yarn, as well as to start your scarf.
Now that you have the hang of it, go ahead and knit about twelve rows. This will get you a great start on your scarf, and you will begin to see the size and shape of it. Now that you have a good start, you can do a few things.
One option is to start in with another color. Adding another color in the middle of the row is best. Another option is to just continue on with the color you have. You can make a solid color scarf, or if you are using variegated yarn you will have plenty of color without juggling all those skeins of yarn.
And there is always the option of putting it down! That is the great part about knitting. you can put it to the side and be done with it until you are ready to pick it up again. It will be in exactly the same condition you left it, ready to go. It will also be in the same spot you left in in, because it won’t go anywhere! When you do pick it back up, carry on with the color you have. Or add another. If you do decide to add another, make sure you check the dye lot on the label. Manufacturing variations do happen.