How To Make A Knitted Flower Headband

Knitting is an art form that is easy to pick up but takes years to master. This process of pulling threads together to make clothing and other items. One of the more popular crocheting items in recent years is headgear. It is relatively easy to create headgear using crocheting techniques that cover the whole head. This article will give tips on how to create a headband that goes around the head.

Some terms to remember:

Crocheting – a knitting technique which turns yarn in to fabric using one or two hooked instruments called crochet needles.

Provisional Cast on – A crochet technique which uses waste yarn to begin the work. This helps keep stitches ‘live.’ (IE not knitted together.) The provisional cast on can be picked up and crocheted in the opposite direction or incorporated back in to the piece itself.

Creating the headband

Start by casting on a couple of stitches and increase eery other row. Start with one stitch then work on adding more to the desired width of the headband. This will give start of the head band a bit of a triangle look. One end will be a point and widen until it is the correct width.

Make sure to leave a tail on the provisional cast on. Create the tail then work on widening the cast on after the tail is long enough to work with. This will be used as a tie after the headband is finished.

Once the cast on is increased to the wanted width, knit the rest for the entire length of the headband. The cast on is the beginning of the headband and the straight area is the body. Decide how long the headband is to be and crochet the length to fit the needed length.

When the headband is finished, keep a length at the end so that the headband can be tied on. This end will be tied on to the length that was left open at the beginning.


There can be various decorations that are easily attached to the headband. These decorations give the band a bit more life and color. A flower is the most common decoration and can be easily crocheted from a pattern. The flower can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional in look and style. Decide on the look and just see how it works with he headband itself. Think about the person for whom the headband is being created. This will help decide on the decorations for the headband and how to choose the correct color.

Color choice

Think about the color of yarn used when crocheting the head band. How will it look when combined with different outfits? Does the yarn need to be of a dark or a bright color? How can you incorporate different colors in to the headband itself? Color is a central theme when creating a piece of clothing. The headband should be colorful enough to attract the positive attention of others yet work with whatever outfit that a person is wearing.