How To Make A Bleached Patterned Rug

To make a bleach pattern rug, you will need a few things. You will need the rug that you would like to use for the project, the chalk that you will be using to create the design on the rug, optional stencils and bleach in order to imprint the pattern onto the rug.

Practice first

If you have never done this before, you may want to do a little practice. Bleach is permanent and if you make a mistake, you will have to redo the rug entirely. By practicing beforehand, you can see if there are any steps that you will have to work on before you start with the real rug. Often times, people are not pleased with their artistic ability when it comes time to create a chalk outline. This is one place where you may want to spend some time practicing on beforehand.

Picking out a rug and chalk

Once you have selected your rug, grab a piece of chalk and make sure that it will show up clearly on it. You can brush the chalk off afterwards, but you will want to be able to create a clearly defined chalk outline which you can follow with your bleach.

Using stencils

You can also use stencils while you are creating your design on the rug. You can find stencils that come in all shapes, sizes and curves. Use the stencils to create perfectly drawn designs on the rug.

If you do make this mistake with the chalk outline, try your best to brush it off and continue with your outline. Just make a note to not go over the mistake with the bleach so that it does not become permanent.


Once you are happy with your chalk outline, it is time to apply the bleach. Purchase a bleach bottle that has a squeeze cap the top of it. This will allow you to carefully go over the chalk outline with well-defined lines.

Pouring the bleach

When you are pouring the bleach, make sure that you squeeze the tube at a slow and steady rate. If you want to make thick lines with your bleach, move the bleach along the chalk line slowly. This will allow more bleach to poor on the line which will cause it to spread out further. If you want thin lines, move the bleach bottle more quickly.

Pay attention

As you are bleaching the rug, make sure you keep track of where you will have poured the bleach and where you have not. Try to remain consistent with the amount of bleach that you apply throughout the rug. If you go over a particular part of the rug with bleach a second time, it will not look consistent with the rest of the design. It is best to start from one corner and slowly work your way throughout the rest of the rug.

24 hours

Once you are done pouring the bleach, allow the run to the sit for 24 hours. At this point, you can pat the chalk off the rug and reveal the leftover bleach design stain that you have created.