DIY Mosaic Plant Pots

Gardens, plants, and flowers are all very beautiful with all the colors, amazing smells, and textures. What could possibly make it better? Well look no further than this easy do it yourself project. All you need to create a personalize mosaic plant potter is some free time and a couple basic supplies.

Supplies You Will Need:
1. A plant potter

2. A hot glue gun

3. Some grout and grouting bag

4. Tiles of your choice

5. A cloth dampened that you don’t care about

6. A knife

This project will work with any size plant potter, so which ever ones you already have will work perfectly fine. Although, you can purchase new if you would like. First you will want to get an idea as to where you want to place your tiles, if you are wanting to create a certain design and approximately how many you will need. This will make the gluing you have to do go so much easier and quicker.

Once you have all the tiles laid out how you are wanting to place them, you then will glue on each piece of tile with your hot glue gun. This step will take time and patience. But it will be worth it in the end. Apply the glue generously to ensure all tiles will stay in place correctly. However, you need to be sure that you have kept enough space between each tile to make room for the grout.

Now you are on to step two. This is the fun and messy step! Mix grout as directed and place in grouting bag. After you have filled your grouting bag, you will then start to pipe the grout into each small gap you left open. Make sure that you fill the whole area. You don’t want any of the original potter to show. This will also help keep your tiles in place. To give your potter a nice, clean, finished look, you should take your knife or some sort of trowel and make straight lines around the edge of your tiles.

The last and probably the easiest step is the clean up. All you have to do is take the cloth and dampen it, then wipe away any excess grout. You should be sure to wipe away any grout that doesn’t belong. Such as grout that has splattered or overflowed on to your tiles. Because once the grout dries it is extremely hard to remove without making cracks or breaking your tiles. After you have cleaned off all the unwanted grout, simply set your masterpiece to the side and let dry completely.

Congratulations you have successfully created your first custom plant potter. Don’t be scared to get a little creative. Try to mix and match different colors and shapes. You could create designs or even monograms. The possibilities are endless. Whatever you chose to do remember that not all do it yourself projects turn out right on the first try. Don’t give up and remember that this is fun.